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Tax Return Evaluation Services

By sandeep

January 8, 2024

Tax Return Evaluation Services

Tax Return Evaluation Services

We introduced the concept of FREE Tax Return Evaluation Services with the intention that we can reach out to people who have already filed their returns to revisit the tax returns to ensure accuracies, claim additional refunds on tax benefits they missed out in their original tax filing and file revised tax returns, if necessary.

This does not necessarily mean that their tax filing through online/other service providers is incomplete or incorrect, but doing so would help them avoid any tax compliance issues and audit risks with their tax returns in the near future, especially the time when they are trying to have their permanent place of abode in US.  This FREE Evaluation will make sure that there are no extra-ordinary items in their tax returns or huge refunds.

Accordingly, you can get your last THREE year tax returns evaluated by our Tax Experts for FREE. This evaluation may help you in:

  • Filing Right Tax Return
  • Claiming additional dependents
  • Removing dependents you erroneously claimed
  • Reporting your correct filing status & additional income
  • Making changes in your Above-the-Line Deductions, Standard/Itemized Deductions, etc.
  • Changing your personal exemptions for correctness
  • Incorporating Tax Treaty Benefits that you missed
  • Recalculating various tax credits – Child Tax Credit, Education Credits, Foreign Tax Credits, First Time Home Buyer Credit, & Dependent Expenses Credit, etc. 
  • Analyzing the return for accuracy and correctness