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Corporate Taxation

By Sam

January 8, 2024

Corporate Taxation

Corporate Taxation

ForMyTax.Com has gained unique multidimensional characteristics by offering various taxation services to its clients across various countries. We assist our corporate clients with tax strategy, planning, compliance and preparation services. We have dedicated & qualified tax professionals across various countries offering you these services in the countries where you do business. We have experience of working with diverse client base comprising all types of businesses – multinational companies (MNC’s), local companies, privately – owned organizations, not for profit organizations, partnerships, family businesses, trusts and individual owners.

Selecting the right firm for your company’s needs is investing in your company’s future. We do not see our role as an outsourced business service, rather we consider ourselves as your business partner – partner in growth and success.


We integrate ourselves in your goals, culture and ways of your business. Our value is in proactive planning & counsel along with our preparation services.


Remember we can make a difference to your future – future where growth is strategic and profits are optimized.


We focus on tax planning and reduction strategies for your business. We continually educate ourselves on the latest tax law changes and their implications on your business. We proactively recommend tax saving strategies to increase profitability for your business. We recommend tax saving strategies year round and not at the end of the year. Many of our business clients have saved many times the fee in reduced tax liabilities through planning and legitimate tax saving strategies.


Preparing your business taxes can be a hectic process. Many times when you have opted to be a flow through entity business taxes can directly affect your personal tax return. We step in to analyze both from the business as well as your personal level.

We provide tax preparation and planning strategies for:

  • Corporate Returns (1120, 1120S, etc.)
  • Partnership Returns (LLC, LLP, LP, etc.)
  • Exempt Organizations (Form 990)
  • Fiduciary Tax Returns (Form 1041)
  • Sales Tax Returns
  • Property Tax Returns
  • Payroll Tax Returns
  • Computing Book / Tax Differences

We also provide free evaluation on your prior year business tax returns.