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Payroll Processing

By Sam

January 8, 2024

Payroll Processing

Payroll Processing

Payroll processing is an important part of proper human resource management. It is also an important compliance requirement for any corporation having employees. It is not only time consuming but also a requirement to keep up with IRS regulations.


Outsourcing payroll and payroll tax administration to ForMyTax.Com allows you to handle your payroll obligations in an effective manner while allowing you to focus your time and energy where it should be on managing your business. ForMyTax.Com serves all types of entities from Small & Medium Size to Large Enterprises by providing payroll services.


ForMyTax.Com offers guaranteed accurate payroll calculations for all types and sizes of businesses – including all federal, state and local taxes.


We provide our clients with options of several payment methods including hourly pay, straight salary, commissions, bonuses and general reimbursements among others. Salary can be processed daily, weekly, biweekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly and annually.

We also take care of various deductions like Federal Income Tax, FICA Taxes, State Taxes, State Unemployment and Disability, City, Local and / or County Taxes. We also have the ability to process loan payouts, advances, 401K, Garnishment, etc. We also provide our clients with an option to mail a physical payroll check or direct deposit. Paystubs can also be physically mailed or emailed to the client / employees.


We also file payroll tax returns on behalf of our client to various federal and state agencies including department of labor. We also take care of issuing year end W2 / 1099 statements and filing a copy to Social Security Administration and IRS on behalf of our clients. We also provide dedicated and designated payroll support call center 24 hours a day to answer any of our client’s questions and concerns.


Our Payroll Pricing can be customized as per the client needs by doing an all-inclusive package on per hour, per month or per payroll or we can do A La Carte payroll pricing depending on the services opted for.